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Scanning and photographing your artwork

Reproart has the skill and facilities to scan your artwork with our Plustek optical scanner at 1600 dpi. Reproart can also photograph your artwork, making raw files that will be colour matched with the original. Keeping your files backed up and the ability to use for printed material or websites.

Colour correction and adjustments are made, as closely as possible, to match the original supplied.

Scanning artwork

A high quality scan is produced from the original/s up to A2 size or from a photographic raw file up to A0 size.  Then, an initial proof will be printed on an A3 sheet of the final paper/canvas choice you have made.

Scanning costs per image is £5
Photography of artwork per image is £10

A non recurring £5 fee is charged for colouring matching the image as close as possible.

NB: It helps us to have the original drawing or painting, so we can colour correct the print to make sure they match perfectly.